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[Geometric Sequence] - addictive puzzle for android devices .

Relaxing game for all ages

Quite easy to learn game that everyone will like leisure with pleasure, as well as enjoy first-class gameplay in the spirit of classic puzzles. The rules of this game are extremely simple - you need to drag cards on the playing field and add them with cards of the same value, and there are also cards that can be added with absolutely any card to clear the playing field and get valuable bonuses.

Amazing gameplay

In [Geometric Sequence] you will find 4 different game modes: Classic, Negative, Time Limit and Full Board, each one is unique and will give you an incredible gaming experience. A real test of logic and intelligence that will require your maximum concentration, while still allowing you to enjoy the meditative atmosphere. Stylish graphics, user-friendly interface and controls, great background music and addictive gameplay - all this is about [Geometric Sequence]. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.