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Приобретён премиум.
Hijacker Jack - Famous. Rich. Wanted. - awesome action-adventure from the first person for androiddevices.

Unique gameplay

Hijacker Jack - Famous. Rich. Wanted - this is something completely new in the world of mobile gaming, a game that can subsequently turn the entire industry upside down and arrange a real revolution in the minds of players. In this interactive action game you have to play for a hero named Jack, an inhabitant of tropical islands, whose life took a sharp turn. Pass the most difficult tests, make difficult choices and help Jack avoid a fatal outcome!

An exciting adventure

Hijacker Jack - Famous. Rich. I wanted a unique gameplay in the genre of an interactive movie, which will allow you not only to enjoy a crazy action movie in reality, but also to take part in it! Explore realistic locations, get away from chases, win crazy shootouts and interact with characters, as well as try to open all 4 different endings. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.