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The Longest Night: House of Killer - atmospheric horror quest for androiddevices.

Fully interactive environment

In The Longest Night: House of Killer, you will perform in the role of a hero who woke up in a gloomy and frightening room, not knowing how he ended up there. The last thing that surfaced in his memoirs was how someone sneaked up behind him and shot him in the neck. The hero feels bad and suffers a piercing pain, but despite this, he rises to his feet and begins to think about his plan for salvation. Next, you start exploring the locations, each of which will look like a terrifying crime scene, filled with evidence and traces of the fight.

Stunning graphics and an exciting story

The hero realizes that he can become the next victim of a terrifying maniac and begins to look for all kinds of clues to get out. You also have to avoid meeting with the killer, but it’s also important to find useful items that will help you scare him away or even deal with him. Each location is a fully interactive environment and fraught with a difficult puzzle, where you have to use logic and ingenuity to find out the answers to questions and find a way to escape from this place frightening to hell. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.