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[Installer] Polgar (Unlocked + встроенный кэш)

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Открыты платные задания.
Polgar: Magic Detective - addicting hidden object puzzle for Android devices.

Solving mysterious crimes

An interesting game project that will become a real find for fans of logic games with hidden objects and unexpected plot twists. Here magic and detective stories are closely intertwined, making the investigation of each mystical crime unforgettable. Each crime will be unique and differ in its characteristics, you also have to find evidence, carefully investigate crime scenes to find answers to all questions.

Search for hidden objects

So, looking for evidence at a crime scene, you can collect facts and connect them into a single logical chain, use attentiveness and ingenuity to solve the most difficult cases. Every detail at the crime scene is carefully thought out and will help you immerse yourself in the story as deeply as possible, as well as pump your logical abilities and test yourself as a detective. If you are a fan of logic games and quests with hidden objects, seasoned with a detective plot and mini-games, then this game will be a great entertainment for you every day. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.