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Царские монеты, чешуя 1359-1917

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A detailed catalog of coins of the Russian Empire and the pre-Petrine period from 1359to 1917 Includes all varieties, new models and trial Royal coins. The scales of the Grand Dukes are presented in the form of drawings, as well as additional photos of this type of coins.All photos of coins are in good quality. The app works both online and offline. Any photo of the coin can be easily enlarged, the photos are made clickable so that you can see any detail and distinguish the variety! The app allows you to specify the status of coins, export and import your collection to your phone. In the app settings, you can disable new models and trial coins. Coins of six emperors and four Grand Dukes are open for free use, so you can make sure of the highest quality of our app!Materials were used to compile the scale catalog:Grishin I. V., Khramenkov A.V. Types of Russian coins of Ivan III and Vasily IIIGrishin I. V., Khramenkov A.V. Types of Russian coins from Ivan the terrible to Peter the Great You can also use the link to download our catalog of coins of the USSR and the Russian Federation.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.greydigger.ussrcoinsIt has all the different types of Soviet coins with a clear description and high-quality photos! Add to your collections with us!