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동물 인형샵 (Бесплатные покупки)

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Animal Doll Shop - Cute Tycoon Game - addicting casual simulator for android devices.

A cute simulator for gamers of all ages

An excellent game that will become the best entertainment for both children and adults alike, because it has fascinating puzzles, tasks, and wonderful characters with an interesting story. In Animal Doll Shop - Cute Tycoon Game, you will play the role of the heir to the legendary dollmaker Pepetto's shop, create unique dolls and sell them to your favorite customers, can you repeat Pepetto's path and return the store to its former glory?

Simple and fun

In Animal Doll Shop - Cute Tycoon Game you will work in a workshop where new dolls will be created and designing will be incredibly entertaining, because modern dolls are printed on a 3D printer. In addition, the funniest customers in the world are waiting for you, participation in decorating the store, many interesting daily tasks and challenges, all spiced up with great graphics and high-quality gameplay. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.