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The aim of the game is to guess what's in the picture with the least number of clicks.

Each click opens up a portion of the photo. The earlier the answer becomes clear, the larger the bonus will be.

This game will help you easily increase your vocabulary, guessing skills and attentiveness.

101 Pictures is a fun, captivating and totally free game.

It's a new quiz in the casual puzzle genre.


• Words are collected in themed packs. Each pack contains words of a certain theme.

• Use 4 free and 4 paid clicks to reveal the picture to the necessary point.

• As soon as it becomes clear what's in the photo, type the answer and get bonus coins.

• When you finish one pack, move on to another!

It's fun to play this game along with friends or family! Amaze them with your knowledge and complete the packs together!

• Learn new words by playing themed word sets

• Find out the exact names of familiar objects

• Develop your mind and vocabulary

• Play with friends and compete with one another

• Visually pleasing, simple graphics

• Ratings and achievements

• Lots of themed collections

• Simple and easy

• Daily bonus

• Free hints at the beginning

• Excellent training for the brain

• For phones and tablets

A simple and intuitive interface with unobtrusive graphics allows you to fully concentrate on game play.

The game has many unique levels sorted by difficulty.

Themed packs are constantly being added to make the game more fun!

Guess the pictures by theme:

• animals

• sports

• flags

• food

• capital cities

• drawings

• kitchen

• plants

• beauty

• clothing

• nature

• and more

The following languages are fully supported:

• English

• German

• French

• Russian

• Portuguese

• Spanish

• Italian

No wi-fi, no problem! The game runs without Internet, which makes it an excellent timekiller on the road. You must have Internet to download packs and sync your progress.

You can play uninterrupted, close or minimize the app at any point and continue from where you left off without losing your progress.

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Have fun guessing the pictures :)

Good luck in the game!