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1941 Frozen Front Premium (Full Paid)

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Full Paid
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Lead the strong and large German army eastward or join the Soviet Union to defend the motherland Russia. Incarnate an intelligent commander in frozenfont, correctly choose war strategy and obtain a higher rank.

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Feel the shocking World War II scenes in handy games ™ New simulation military strategy game!

Mission briefing

Fight in the bitter cold of the eastern front in 1941!

Command tanks and infantry to conquer the enemy!

Send heavy bombers to flatten the enemy headquarters!

Deploy your artillery in harsh terrain!

Provide materials and ammunition for the army!

Resist enemies who outnumber themselves!


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✔ Continuous new tasks and endless dream rewards

✔ Round based strategy game on the theme of World War II

✔ Exciting battles and challenging missions

✔ White hot multiplayer battle

✔ Classic German and Soviet forces

✔ It can repair, camouflage and build various troops and buildings in battle

✔ Both sides have infantry, artillery, tanks and air force

✔ Hexagonal grid can be seen at a glance

✔ Exquisite picture and extremely real sound effect

✔ Full screen support