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3D Target Archry Shooting: Mellinium Archery

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The description of 3D Target Archry Shooting: Mellinium Archery App

Target archery shooting millennium is a target shooting game designed this winter holidays for new year and Christmas holidays. Get cozy and warm to enjoy this arrow target shooting game. The environment of the archery shooting game is developed keeping in mind the winter season and holidays.

This is a target shooting training game and you have a role-play of an army man. Its winter season and for your target shooting training, you have to use bow and arrows and hit the target board. The mission of this target shooting game is to make you a good and sharp archer master.

You are stuck in the HD thick jungle with snow with a limited supply of food and ammunition. You have to be a skilled hunter and find food in the thick density jungle by hunting animals of the jungle in order to survive the cold weather and hone target shooting. Try to hit the bull's eye and finish the targets.

Be an expert archer to shoot the targets using a minimum number of arrows from your quiver. The graphics of the target archery shooting master game are so realistic that you will be completely engaged by the HD graphics of archery shooting game.

Spend your time in doors waiting for Santa this Christmas with the gifts of happiness and joy while playing archery shooting master game. This target shooting game will make your wait easy and fun.

Controls of Target Archery Shooting Game:

Target shooting archery game has very simple controls yet it is challenging and fun to play.

• Draw the arrow and shoot the bull's eye

• To change the direction swipe left or swipe right on the screen

• Zoom in/out to see the target clearly

Target Training Archery Shooting Missions:

Target training archery shooting mastery game has a number of missions that start off as simple but with every completed mission the challenge is increased.

• Target shooting boards are increased with every complete mission

• A limited number of arrows are provided to finish the target shooting

• Fight against time to shoot targets

Archery Target Shooting features:

Archery target shooting mastery has a number of features that make it fun and challenging to play.

• The amazing Winter season and show environment

• Background music and sound effects to keep the adrenalin rush high

• A number of bows available with different zooms

• On every bull’s eye get an extra arrow

This winter season of Christmas enjoy the target shooting while waiting for Santa’s gifts. This archery shooting mastery game is free available on Google Play store.