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The Buffycats have to give a concert but suddenly they find that their instruments have been stolen.

Oh, boy… it looks like it's been the wicked Winston and Trappy who have hidden the instruments in a building in the city and now we'll have to get them back.

Go in and look around the five stories of this building with one goal: opening all the rooms to get the instruments back.

In each floor you'll find 10 rooms that you can only access by solving the different games to get the key than opens each door.

In each one of the doors you'll have to complete the three leves of difficulty of each one of the games to win the key that opens the door and go on to the next door. Every time you open one of the doors you'll get a part of each instrument.

Solve the 50 challenges you'll find in the building to get the instruments back so that the Buffycats can give their concert.


In the 44Cats app you'll find more than 50 challenges with 5 types of games that will test your abilities and concentration.

Find the series: In the ground floor you can have fun looking for the series of elements of different shapes and colors that Lampo will tell you. The size and difficulty level of the board will increase as you solve the different levels.

Connect the dots: Go up to the first floor and concentrate to find the path that connects the dots of the same color.

Start in this game from level 1 with only one color and go on completing all the levels to find Milady's instrument. To reach the end you'll need much concentration and ability to overcome walls and obstacles on your way.

Mazes: In the second floor you'll have to solve all kind of mazes… your great challenge is to find the way to the exit. Prepare to move around endless mazes where it is very easy to get lost. Move around the paths in more than 30 mazes of different shapes and difficulties but with only one mission: to reach the exit and find Meatball's keyboard.

Jigsaw puzzles: In the third floor of the building you'll have to solve more than 10 types of jigsaw puzzles and rebuild the images by putting pieces, ordering them or moving them to overcome the different levels.

Memory: Are you ready to show you've got a good memory to remember cards? This is the last floor and you'll have to face the challenge of this classical memory game, a funny game both for children and grown-ups. Use your best strategy to turn the cards and find the pairs!


- Interactive, didactic and educational game for children from 3 to 7 years old.

- All the activities contain explanations with visual support.

- Incentive to learn through a system of prizes and goals.

- Encourages autonomous learning.

- Strengthens learning and develops cognitive functions.

- App approved and supervised by specialists in pre-school education.

- Available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, Latin Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian and Portuguese.


We offer quality educational content in a mobile version, through children's favorite TV characters, creating the most fun and interactive educational apps.

Our apps motivate learning and constitute a perfect working tool for parents and educators interested in children’s education.


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