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Amazing Frog Mod - Frogs that move by jumping or crawling on all fours can also walk upright on two legs like a human. You will see this wonderful thing in the action game "Amazing Frog?". This is an open-world sandbox game produced and published by Fayju. In this work, the player will play a frog, and you will take an adventure in a unique world, where you can drive, row a boat, do human cannonballs, etc. activity. The fun of the game is that there is no purpose, and all kinds of props players can use freely in the game. Rope Frog Ninja Hero Mod so do it.

Amazing Frog Android Mobile Mod

Game Features

- 20 km of fantastic landscape

- Different vehicles

- Supports 4 players for split screen gameplay

- Supports virtual reality device Oculus VR

- Funny ragdolls, trampolines, cannons and explosions

- various weapons

Gaming Strategy

- Easter egg 1: If you use the cannonball launcher in front of the door where the player was just born, move the launcher all the way to the left, and control yourself to fall on the building next to you after launching, you will find that there are 4 bazooka launchers

- Easter egg 2: After birth, walk into the storage room where the player changes clothes [blue toilet room], go straight to the wardrobe, you will find that there is still space in the wardrobe, keep going down, and you will be teleported to Christmas night [ A place], and then you can be crowned as the king of frogs. If you want to go out, you have to go to the phone booth in front of you. After entering the phone booth, you can't go out immediately, and it will be sent to something like, toilet? place, then you will see a big frog [basically ignore] and then you can go

- Easter egg 3: A very simple Easter egg, that is, this game map is really big [it can be compared with the map of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas!]

- Easter egg 4-5-6: Come to the sewer [as for where the sewer is, look it up on the map], you will find a LOL-like insurance gate [LOL means laughing in foreign countries], behind this gate, the official explained , is an outer space research institute that cannot be opened [I doubt that going to the moon is to go here], no one can open this door, because its door is a poster, as for you want to go in, think of a way yourself, Then leave this gate, go deep into the sewer, you will find a super large underground tunnel, remember, don't go down, there are endless frog zombies and endless AK---you still have You will find a hidden vehicle [Lanxiang Tractor], which means that it took me a lot of effort to jump on the trampoline = = , the sixth easter egg, that is, you can find a useless trophy in the sewer, hidden in the behind a blower

- Easter egg 7: Before entering the game, the perspective will first appear in a room with a full game map. Go there and you can get a video recorder that becomes a first-person perspective, as well as the reflective laser gun of Hui Chang Niu B, this room Record all the easter eggs you can find, but unfortunately the map resolution is too small, only three of them can be known.

- Easter egg 8: quack beach party, first escape from the city, open the gate of the city outside the map, and then drive along the straight road at the door, you will come to an abandoned beach full of sharks, drive a boat Leave to find more easter eggs

- Easter egg 9: Drive the boat to the middle of the sea and walk towards the highest mountain. If you climb the highest mountain, you may not be able to climb it. You have to climb carefully, find some points to climb up, and then climb up and you will get a sign , and a giant cookie with a sign that says, congratulations! Climb to the peak of 10.00.00, and then you can see the whole map of the whole map, and go down a short distance, and you will see the alien ball, which is already the center point of the earth. When entering the game, Loading the newspaper on the game will write these balls, but these balls are useless, roll and play

- Easter egg 10: There is nothing more fun than going to the sea. Follow the road that Xiaoxiao used to go outside. When you come to the end of the sea, you will leave by boat. You will find that, hey, the sea is infinite. of! ! ! And then...congratulations! Please restart the game, because of you, lost at sea.

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