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Welcome to the best game Among Us Granny Mod 2021. In the game Among Us Granny Mod this time, there will be a very fun and attractive Grandpa Mod mode

Among Us Granny Mod is a jump scare that appears on the crewmate’s screen. In addition to this, it jumbles up the crewmates’ controls making it impossible for them to maneuver.

In the Granny Role mod for Among Us, impostors morph into Granny, an original slasher monster who wields a bat and whose mouth can unhinge to swallow crewmates whole. However, Among Us mod Granny have the lowest possible vision range, meaning crewmates have a better chance at avoiding Granny's attacks by staying out of sight.

Grandpa role: When It is in Grandpa mode it slowly walks but when she's someone you can speed up to them and kill them Also can Jumpscare and Shows only one person So Grandpa can kill them

Grandpa mod terrify friends and crew , make bad food and poison them and hit them

Grandpa mod and he can hit someone with a golf club or ball

Granny and Grandpa is the imposter can send grandpa to hit someone she can feed someone to the child and she can get grandpa to capture people

Granny Role in Among Us mod balances the odds between crewmates and Impostors, giving crewmates a good chance at beating Granny. Here's how to play the Granny Role Mod in Among Us.

Download: Among Us Granny Mod and player with friend!!