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Are you a fan of Among Us Mod Santa Imposter. Join us in Santa Among Us It's Imposter. The combination of 2 top hot games is Impostor Crewmate and Santa Among us Mod will make you have a relaxing time.

Imposter Santa Survival 456 is a scary but somewhat fun strategy game.

You need to find the santa impostors and defeat them quickly. There are many ways to find an impostor, such as hiding, looking in glasses, and using help. Kill all the impostors if you want to survive! Do not forget to use useful items to overcome the challenge. Let's try to help each other through the quest and find the Santa imposter.

With Santa Impostor Mod Among Us:

- Being a one of Players: 456, 546, 436, 067, 459, 457, 465, 446, 466, 567, 496

- Being a VIP spectator, with the mask of moose, owl, bear, or so on

- Choose the assassin doll from the first game of the series “Green Light, Red Light”

* "Santa Among Us It's Imposter" HOW TO PLAY:

- Hold and drag to move around the ship, kill the crewmates, and sabotage the objects.

- When you kill everyone without getting noticed, the level is completed.

- Be careful with crewmates. They may discover you are The Imposter. If you get caught under the enemy’s vision, you have to start over again.

* FEATURES " Among Us Mod Santa Impostor":

- Simple to play.

- One finger control.

- Countless challenges from easy to expert.

- Absolute no paid to play.

When doing your legendary mission in the arcane spaceship, you, the santa impostor, will have to face a lot of challenges and obstacles like thorn traps, laser traps… Use your sneaky skill to get through the traps and complete the mission perfectly. Let’s together ruin the crewmate team from the inside. There are a lot of missions from easy to difficult waiting for you, the arcane impostors.

Please try to complete the mission, report to your teammates as quickly as possible so everyone knows santa is an impostor

Download Santa Among Us It's Imposter now and enjoy!

Disclaimer :

* This is not an official Among Us app.

* App created for fans by a fan.

* "Create Skin Among US" app is only to help gamer in learning about the game.

* This app is NOT a cheat or hack to get free skins for among-us in game.