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Mod Menu((The problem that the game cannot be installed has been fixed. You can clear the download cache in the box and download and install it again.)):
1.unlimited pearl
2.reduce express ticket
3.unlimited entry tickets
4.unlimited gem
5.unlimited energy
6.free bird tokens

Iconic characters, fun experience, fun gameplay, come to Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk. Interesting gaming experience and joyful leisure won the hearts of millions of gamers.

Everything you love about the classic Angry Birds game is still there, with one wonderful element added. Choose Bird Pop, play with your friends, attack on multiple levels, compete and cooperate with global players.


Birds can be selected. Choose which bird the slingshot shoots at, use strategy and defeat the pigs!

Multi-level checkpointing. Fun and exciting multi-levels, let you have fun, watch out for the pig boss!

Daily Challenge. Fragment time only? Then come to the daily challenge, hurry in and out and grab some rewards.

Upgrade the bird. Feathers can be used to improve birds and their judging skills. Create the ultimate flock of birds!

Join the family. Defeat pigs with friends and players from other regions.

Get famous in the eagle's training camp, earn coins and spend them in specialty shops.

competition on the field. Play with other players in the arena with friendly birdies and see who is the best.

Collect funny hats. Collect funny hats with different themes to improve your bird's fashion level.

bad pig. These green villains are back, stronger, badder and greener.

Lots of checkpoints. Hundreds of levels for you to play, with more levels being added in regular updates and limited-time events.

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