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Animals Cars - kids game for toddlers from 1 year

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Our game is great fun for toddlers and babies from 1 year old. Each touch or swipe will cause a happy reaction in the game. Toddler can touch and swipe anywhere on the screen. The game is simple and intuitive.

The youngest kids and toddlers will develop their skills while having fun. Stimulates child development from the age of 1.

Kids will discover cars and animals, learns characteristic sounds of them, and also the names of fruits and vegetables. Toy cars are honking, bouncing, shining lights. In each car there is a different pet. Thanks to the lector, your toddler will learn the names of individual cars or animals.

★ There are large cars and small cars. There is , construction vehicles, excavator and concrete mixer, also a car with ice cream, towtruck, and many more vehicles. . From concrete mixer balls fall out, the garbage truck takes away the garbage.

★ The justice is guarded by a , the digger is operated by a pig, . There is also a teddy bear, a bunny, a dog, cats, and many other animals. They all make happy sounds that will make your child laugh.

★ There are balloons, planes, rocking horse, squeaking duck and many other surprises.

★ The sun is shining in the sky. When you slide your finger, the moon appears. After touching the cloud, it’s raining.

★ The game has calm, rhythmic background music. You can turn off the music, voiceover, and animal sounds.

★ In addition, premium version contains a game lock that . With the game lock toddlers and kids from 1 year can play it without supervision without the risk of leaving the game.

★ All our educational games work and are free.

★ They are perfect while driving a car or flying by plane.

It is a game for boys as well as a game for girls. It is a game for a brother or sister."

The game is excellent for toddlers and kids from 1 year old.