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Wedding is a most special day of every girl's life.
On the Day of her weddings. Bride came to know that her in-laws has a Evil family ritual.
She has to run ,hide and try to escape the house for survival.
She has one night to decide her Fate. The night will be long, Dark and scary that she cant imagine.
One Night that will change her life forever.
This night will be the worst nightmare of her life and she has to Adapt, Evolve and overcome.

The concept of Are You Ready, like The Most Risky Game before it, is about wealthy elite hunting suspicious interlopers for sport. Except it isn’t exactly sport for the Le Thomas. None of them are natural hunters or killers despite apparently making frequent oaths by way of slaughtered goats. Rather they feel beholden (and bedeviled) by a deal that goes back about five generations. It was in a distant 17th century past that “great-grandfather” made a deal with John If he solved the riddle of a magic box that represented a game of chance, he would become a wealthy man.

While it is only vaguely hinted for most of the runtime what that deal is, the game box has the immediate foreboding of the puzzle cube in Hell-raiser. you’d know the premise is that the box will spit out a card that requires a deadly game of hide-and-seek, much to the newlyweds’ chagrin. However, this is not always the case. The only reason Alex would ever marry a woman he at least purports to love is that in 30 years of family add-ons, his kin has only had to play this game once. Indeed, it is the opening scene of the movie when he and brother William see, as children, their new uncle carted off for some unseemly slaughter.