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Aviator Assistant is the must-have co-pilot in any cockpit. Giving you advanced tools, easy & painless flight planning facilities, high-quality charts, synthetic vision, hazard awareness, traffic alerts, reliable weather information, integration with portable ADS-B, and GPS receivers for in-flight weather and data, and much more. The Aviator Assistant Support team is here to help you with any queries you might have and provide fast, quality, and friendly customer support.PLAN YOUR FLIGHTS, BRIEF, AND FILE ALL FROM ONE PLACE.The dependable app centralizing valuable information, making flying safer, more efficient, and simpler. Aviator Assistant makes flight planning blazingly fast, reduces your workload, gets you in the air faster & gives you more time to enjoy the view. Set up a route in seconds, quickly get an oversight of weather, NOTAMs, and TFRs along the way.WEATHERAviator Assistant delivers a set of weather tools that you can depend on. Make your preflight decisions easier and your flight faster & safer using our real-time animated NEXRAD radar overlay, NOAA global winds-aloft & turbulence information, METARs, TAFs, Airsigmets, and more! PROCEDURE PLATES, CHARTS, MAPSYou're covered for all of your VFR and IFR needs, with Aviator Assistant's VFR Sectionals, High/Low Instrument Enroute charts, and Procedures (SIDs, STARs, approaches, and taxi charts). Approaches and charts are geo-referenced and allow the real-time display of your GPS location over the chart while overlayed on top of the main map view. WEATHER & RADAR PLAYBACKOur Radar overlays are generated using the latest available data from NEXRAD sites, giving you an excellent picture of the weather. You can see an animation of the radar overlays for the last 10 frames of the data.SYNTHETIC VISIONAviator Assistant provides you with Synthetic Vision using high-quality terrain data using AHRS information. Improving your situational awareness and giving you valuable tools. See traffic, obstacles, runways, terrain warnings, and more.AIRCRAFT PERFORMANCE High-quality performance calculations based on your aircraft performance parameters. Manage your aircraft and store important safety and performance information to make Flight Planning faster.ETAs are calculated using your performance information and weather data.SCRATCH PADSSimplicity is key. Jot down all the notes you need. Using our Scratch-Pad templates to keep track of ATIS updates, copy your clearances, prepare PIREPs, and more. ADS-B SUPPORTUsing ADS-B integration, Aviator Assistant gives you real-time traffic reports and shows you where the traffic is relative to you. Using ADS-B, we also provide Synthetic Vision with high quality and accurate terrain data. You will also see current NEXRAD radar data rendered to your map via ADS-B without an internet connection. Aviator Assistant also uses METAR and TAF information from ADS-B devices to help you make safe decisions. We're making sure you have all the information you need while in the air and on the ground.IMPORTANT INFORMATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPSThe information you need most at your fingertips. See communication frequencies, weather, forecasts, NOTAMs, procedures, runways, and more all in one place. Beautifully decoded METARs and TAFs. You will also see recommended runways and wind component calculations.You can download specific procedures for offline use or all of them inside of Aviator Assistant's download manager. We help make sure you've got the information you need available offline while in the air.HELPING YOU SEE IN THE DARKAviator Assistant's Dark Mode makes sure that you can still see what's important while flying at night time. Everything looks and behaves exactly how you would expect.Please Note: Location is used to provide navigation services over a moving map, and the camera is used to submit Instructor documentation for account configuration.