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Azmar is an Old School and Turn Based RPG game. It has both single-player content (story mode) and multi-player battles.

All single-player content can be played offline!

Main Features:

● Single-player story with multiple choices and paths (6 main quests + 6 extra quests)

● Online Battles against other players and co-op Dungeons

● Choose 1 of the 4 classes available: Warrior, Cleric, Necromancer or Archer

● 24 unique Skills per class to create your build

● 4 Armor Slots , 4 Potion slots, and much more to enhance your Hero

● Playable offline (no internet required) or online

Complete the Azmar's campaign in single player, and reach level 30 with your Hero: every choice you make will have consequences to the story!

● Face new single player challenges and missions every day, and reach Mastery 100

● Play casual or rated battles against other players (either in 1v1 or in 2v2)

● Cooperate in challenging multiplayer Dungeons with your friends or random players (require 3 players)

● This is a one-person project. I'm constantly developing and improving it. It just takes a lot of time, have patience

● This is not an easy game. Don't be disheartened if you've died, or you can't beat an enemy. Remember that you can use Potions too!

● The game is only in ENGLISH. It's very unlikely that I will have time to translate it, but you never know..

● Some Tablets may display vertical bands, in order to keep a good aspect ratio. Don't worry, it's still perfectly playable.

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