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BE-A Walker (Много денег)

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BE-A Walker - an addictive arcade action for android devices.

Setting the future

Awesome action for mobile devices that will allow you to spend time with pleasure, and also gives incomparable emotions and a new gaming experience. In the BE-A Walker, you will find yourself in the distant future, when humanity is in full swing colonizing new planets and conquering whole civilizations with its power. As a pilot of a combat robot, you have to ensure the safety of the colonization of the planet Eldorado by war with the local tribes of the natives. But, war is not the only way to end the war, which way do you choose?

Drive a powerful fighting vehicle

Choose your side and start an exciting adventure! Managing a combat robot is not so easy, you need to control each "foot" of the walker in such a way as to literally crush your enemies. Follow the robot's health indicators and cooldown parameters of attacking abilities, use them wisely, defending yourself from enemy shots. BE-A Walker will delight you with great animation, interesting gameplay and elaborate levels with a unique charm and atmosphere. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.