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BabySleep: Whitenoise lullaby

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The description of BabySleep: Whitenoise lullaby App

Puts your baby to sleep.

This app is intended especially for parents of newborns. It helps them put their babies to sleep instantly. The app uses classic white noise sounds (lullabies) proven to be more effective than music, tones or sung by generations of parents! They resemble the natural sounds of the womb and thus create a calming environment for the babies they are used to.

Why is my baby crying?

Your baby is fed, has a clean nappy, no issues with colic, you were playing with your baby but ? The baby is probably too tired, but at the same time by itself. This is a common situation of newborns and a situation when can help the most.

Baby Sleep helps you to put your baby to sleep using classic proven to be effective by .

Available lullabies:

• Shower

• Washing machine

• Car

• Hairdryer

• Vacuum cleaner

• Shush

• Fan

• Train

• Musicbox

• Heartbeats

• Sea

• White/Brown/Pink noise

From practical experience, we have learned that such sounds are more effective as a lullaby than tones, music or sing which on the contrary makes the baby rather pay attention.

Even for older babies Baby Sleep helps to increase the overall noise level in the room, so that sudden urban sounds like traffic would not disturb your baby from sleeping.

Baby Sleep is easy to use. Every lullaby has a specific color and a symbol. A timer will automatically stop the lullaby when times run out. All sounds are available offline so you do not need the internet.

We do highly recommend not putting the phone closer to the baby than necessary and turning on airplane mode as well as muting alerts during the entire use of this app.