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Be a terrible domineering jerk fellow of the school and prods the understudy of the awful . menace criminal school. You are on mission to substantiate yourself as a terrible kid criminal of the school. Bother the instructor of the domineering jerk rockstar school make paper ball and through it on the educators and understudies of the genuine secondary school. Prods the startling instructors and understudies in the awful young men school like its your last day at genuine secondary school. Take the inquiry paper from the harasser free standard office and lock the guideline in the domineering jerk game office. Presently standard give you last admonition to remain in the terrible domineering jerk fellow school however you take the harasser free guideline cautioning daintily and begin again awful . criminal school kid exercises in the harasser rockstar school. Through rat on the understudy of the trouble makers at secondary school and genuine battle with the understudy of the miscreant school and beat them. Break the window of the miscreants at secondary school and flee. Puncher the trouble maker standard vehicle and use jetpack and pick the terrible young men instructor in the air and through the educator outside the miscreants at secondary school in the lake. Go to the terrible young men cafeteria and through the food on the essence of the massive understudy and flee from the awful young men cafeteria. You take the lunch boxes of the lesser understudy of the miscreant at secondary school. This game isn't connected with the open world mafia shooting match-up however it is connected with trick and prodding awful domineering jerk fellow school understudies and instructor. It is extremely intriguing and easy to use menace game. In the event that you are looking for terrible harasser folks game, you pick right game for playing.Now awful domineering jerk fellow school guideline call the police to got you and rebuff you. Since he become furious from your conduct in the genuine secondary school. You defy the all norms and discipline of the awful harasser young men at secondary school to be a trouble maker of the school. Police come to got you yet you fly in the air by utilizing genuine high jetpack and furthermore prods the harasser rockstar police by your awful domineering jerk fellow exercises. You pick the domineering jerk rockstar cop in the air and through the cop in the burrow. Get the keys of the harasser free squad car and flee. Police can't got you and they return to the police headquarters and you proceed with your awful harasser fellow exercises in the miscreants at high school.Following Are The Features Of Bad Bully Guys Game: High School Gangsters 3d• Unique Characters Of Naughty School Girls, Teachers, And Bad Guys.• New And Adventurous School Gangster Pranks.• Smooth, Easy and Intuitive Controls In-Game.• Smooth Controls.• Fascinating School Environment.• Engaging Sound Effects.