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Beat Fire - EDM Music & Gun Sounds (Unlimited Coins)

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Mod:Unlimited Coins

Beat Fire Mod Apk - EDM Music & Gun Sounds - Colorful and Addictive Arcade Music for Android Devices.

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Beat Fire Mod Apk

An impressive musical arcade game for mobile devices that will surprise even the most demanding gamers. Get ready to enjoy unique gameplay and experience a lot of bright and unforgettable emotions when you play Beat Fire - EDM Music & Gun Sounds. The main feature of this musical arcade is that it combines the most amazing music tracks with gun shooting, which is fun, isn't it?

Bright and dynamic soundtrack

Beat Fire Mod Apk

Controls in Beat Fire - EDM music and gun sounds with just one touch make this game not only easy to learn but also accessible for players of all ages. Shoot weapons in different blocks, try to hit the target accurately and follow the pace of the game against the background of the track. Become an aim shooter and enjoy atmospheric music tracks in the immersive Beat Fire Arcade - EDM Music & Gun Sounds!

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