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Вы можете надевать любую одежду, шапки и питомцев (в главном меню подойдите к шкафу и нажмите на появившуюся кнопку Use).
Betrayal.io - awesome multiplayer arcade for androiddevices.

Can you figure out the traitor?

Betrayal.io is an interesting game project that will definitely please fans of popular games like Brawl Stars and Among Us. Here you will meet real players from all over the world on one map and take part in exciting matches in which you will play the roles of "civilians" and a traitor, and the main task is to find the traitor. Here you can choose the hero you want to play as, customize his appearance and choose stylish clothes.

12 players on the map

It will take 12 players to start the match, no one can guess who and which one the role will get. The traitors have to destroy the maximum number of peaceful players, and this must be done quite skillfully so that others cannot figure out you. After the player dies, he will be able to turn into a ghost and wreak havoc in locations, scare other players and even complete tasks. As soon as peaceful players have an idea who could be a traitor, they can press a special button and go to the voting hall. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.