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I once stood on the sleeping lake, praying for the proverbs of rebirth.

What you ask for will be promised.

But sacrifice the price, as the kings of all dynasties have inherited. "

Soul blade 2 is a 3D hardcore action game and an orthodox sequel to the "soul blade series". Players will play the great heroes who are painful, sad and ordinary in the myth, take risks in the huge and mysterious Nordic countries, fight with the "sacrifice" who once lost their "destiny", and start the journey of self redemption.

The story takes place before the evening of the gods. At that time, there was an unknown undercurrent in the Nordic countries. Odin, the omniscient God, started a war in order to seize the spirit; The evil god Loki, who had been plotting for a long time, emerged quietly from the deep darkness. CAOS, the challenger of fate, the awakened female warrior God Esther, the exiled goddess Haila of the underworld, and qigfei, the Dragon Slayer. Each with different goals, in this dark era, the prelude to the twilight of the gods began.

[game elements]

infinite stream World Destruction setting, unique adventure experience

four dimensional world architecture, nonlinear process with time axis

immersive symphonic experience, with the participation of the international chief Philharmonic Orchestra in music recording

3 optional roles, 12 career statuses, and up to 100 learned skills

heavy and light weapons switching, weapons deformation, and diversified Combat Systems

rich monster troubles, double test build+ operation

full of unknown and random map exploration: random entry, player mound, disguised monster, random portal

kill boss, collect body parts and wear them for yourself

hight with many people and challenge boss with partners