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Discover Block Brain Puzzle, a fantastic merge of Sudoku and jigsaw games! Match tiles of different shapes in a 9x9 grid. The more bricks you match & smash, the more points you score! Clear rows and columns to blast the board! Play as long as you can without running out of space! Simple yet challenging, you’ll like these free hexa puzzles at first sight! Train your brain and relax your mind in the fun game you’ll be addicted to in no time!


Trendy merge of Sudoku and IQ block puzzles

Train your brain every day

Free to play

Friendly interface and beautiful design

Easy to master

Relaxing gameplay

No time limits

Play offline


The game will give you 3 random blocks to match at the start. Choose the cubes and place them on the empty 9x9 grid. Get a new batch of bricks after matching three. Fill in rows and columns to clear the board. Each jigsaw has a unique shape, but you can tap and rotate them as needed. Don’t let the blocks fill the board to the maximum, like in Tetris! Play this popular puzzle free game to beat your record!


Discover your favorite classic cube puzzle gameplay with a fantastic Sudoku twist! Don’t ignore the special jigsaw blockers on the board. Instead of regular tiles, find blocks with slots that have the same pattern. Rotate elements so that the slots fit best and destroy them. This fun game is a breath of fresh air in the genre of free woody puzzles!


Complete each Tetris level by correctly placing tiles of beautiful shapes in the 9x9 grid. Clear multiple lines and squares to merge them and earn Combo points! Strive to play longer in each round of this popular block puzzle game. Unlock new levels of puzzles that will increase in difficulty for hours of brain busting fun!


Are you left or right brained? Are you mega creative or rational? What is your mental age? How old is your brain? Are you a smart person or a genius? How do your Sudoku solving skills compare to others? There are many questions, but only one answer: Block Brain Puzzle! Play this single player game whenever you have a free moment. Escape from routine and discover more about yourself and your family! Test your IQ online and win this block puzzle game!


Full of fun puzzles, this game is easy to learn but challenging to master! First, find and place blocks of different shapes in the right place. Use your logic skills and placement strategies to make right choices! Whether it’s the very first or the last move, each step determines whether you get high scores. Train your brain for 10 minutes a day to keep it young and healthy!


Need the best stress relief or anxiety free game? Choose Block Brain Puzzle, a relaxing family game! There is no step or time limit! Take your time in laying out your blocks to win mega points. Think one step ahead if you have a difficult move to make. Unlike most popular puzzle games, this one is beautiful in its simplicity and user friendly interface. Also, it doesn’t pressure you into solving it. Just clear the board or restart the level if you get stuck!


Enjoy Block Brain Puzzle while taking the subway or waiting in line. Choose this single player game if you want to relax your mind before sleeping too! Tap the screen and release your stress in seconds! Play it online or offline, anytime and anywhere! Calm your mood while challenging your mind. You’ll like spending hours of fun filling and removing blocks!


Want to relax and train your brain at the same time? Download Block Brain Puzzle, a mega mix of Tetris and Sudoku! Drag blocks into the grid and fill in rows and columns. Smash more bricks and get the best points. Tap and see how long you can keep going to maximize your score! Compare your results with those of your family & friends to find out who is the master of block puzzles! This hassle-free hexa game that you can play offline is sure to become your favorite!