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Block Fighter Craft is a traditional airplane shooting game with a Cute painting style.The game consists of 3D pixels to build a world of blocks, with a variety of creative Boss. Combat innovation blends social and roguelike elements, allowing you to feel the charm of friends flirting with each other in the fun battle of fancy pop-ups. You can operate your airplanes to move up, down, left, and right in the battle to dodge the enemies rushing towards them in the level. Download the aircraft game and enjoy blocky graphics, competitive gameplay, and much more.※ Beware of all the square things here! Unlike other universes, in Our Game Universe, the enemies you pilots need to destroy are not planes! Real things, video games, ghosts, ninjas, all the square things you can see are monsters invaded by the power of blocks. Use your superior flying experience to destroy them! Bomb them into pieces!※ BOSS is funny, but also dangerous! Dragon Boss will invite you to play mahjong together, and Dracula Boss will play hide-and-seek with you in the coffin, but don't be deceived by their appearances! These are all BOSS tricks! Be careful to avoid them, and get the hang of defeating them! ※ Look at those buffs, they can help you get stronger fast! There are 43 different kinds of BUFFS in this Fighter Plane Universe! They will appear randomly when you destroy the square enemies and enhance your strength! ※ Be careful of the pilots around you! They do not necessarily only give you help! Ahem! The pilots here may not be as kind as the rest of the universe! They may take away your gold and may even make the level more difficult for you!Come together to be a pilot in this Cute Pixel-style world. Visit Us:https://blockfightercraft.com/