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Boomer Simulator (Без рекламы)

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Boomer Simulator - pixelated arcade race for android devices.

Dynamic rides

Boomer Simulator offers you an incredibly exciting, fun and reckless ride on a real lawn mower. You will find dynamic gameplay, many obstacles, comfortable click management, as well as interesting levels flavored with old-school pixel graphics. Here you have to drive a lawnmower like a real car, drive at maximum speed, at the same time mow grass, knock down pedestrians and dodge trees.

Whole 9 difficult levels

The game will offer you fast and adrenaline racing on a retro lawn mower, filled with dangerous obstacles, winding roads, crowds of pedestrians and various plants. Boomer Simulator has every chance to become the best entertainment for gamers of all ages, wherever and whenever, thanks to simple and clear game mechanics, rich levels, interesting tests and nostalgic pixel graphics. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.