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Welcome to Callbreak King - the best Online Multiplayer card game!A game from the creators of the mega-hit Ludo King game - the most exciting FREE classic Callbreak game on PlayStore! Enjoy the game with global players online.Are you a fan of classic card games? Callbreak King is the ultimate app for you! Card game fun with the fastest-growing spade game! The greatest strategic trick-based card game to light up your gatherings, meetups, parties, and homes! Online as well as offline multiplayer gameplay is packed with super entertaining features!Callbreak King brings engaging graphics and faster game mechanics to give you a smooth engaging card game experience. From the builders of the world's biggest online gaming communities, Callbreak King is a great opportunity to connect with global passionate card game fans and enjoy the spade game like never before!Callbreak is also known as Call Bridge, Spade, Locha, or Ghochi game and Lakdi or Lakadi in South Asian countries like India and Nepal.New to card games?Not a problem!Start the game with a tutorial and learn Callbreak with easy and quick illustrations. Once learned, ready to go!How to play Callbreak King?*In the Callbreak King game 52 cards are distributed equally among 4 players - 13 cards for each player.*In each round, a player makes a call based on the number of hands they think they can win for that particular round. The lowest call is 1 and the highest is 8. The player gets 10 seconds to make a call and throw a card on the table. Players receive negative points if they fail to reach their call at the end of the round.*The game runs anticlockwise for turns. The player who collects the highest number of points in the given number of rounds wins the game.TrumpA Spade suit is the trump card. Play a higher card than the current winning card to win the turn. Use a trump card to win the turn in case you don't have a higher card. If you don’t have a trump, throw any other suit of choice. Each turn is won by the highest trump in it, or by the highest card of the suit thrown if it contains no trumps.Score high!Take as many hands(bids) as possible to score maximum points. Throw suit cards wisely and use the trump suit cards strategically to win the game easily!Game ModesClassic ModeComplete 5 rounds to win the game.Points from each round get added to calculate the total points in the end.Quick ModePlay a fast-paced single-round online to win the game.Computer ModePlay with a smart AI bot. Kill your boredom by playing Callbreak King offline and eventually sharpen your skills for the live game!Play with Friends mode!Challenge your Facebook friends for the Callbreak game! Create or join rooms and enjoy Callbreak with your favorite friends like never before. Add friends to your list and play regularly with them. Play lobbies with different entry coin amount and earn big rewards upon winning! Higher the lobby, bigger the reward! Progress through higher lobbies, collect maximum coins & cash, and emerge as an expert Callbreak player!What's Unique:*Express yourself by sharing interesting animated emojis & gifts*Share the fun by sending chat messages while playing*Periodic Lucky Spins to earn coins*Earn free rewards regularly*Task System - Take up daily tasks and earn exciting rewards*Purchase your favorite Avatars, Cards and Frames with coins and cash!
Join the largest Spades community/Call break community today!PLEASE NOTE! Callbreak King™ is free to download and play with in-app purchases.