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The description of Cda's Morph Mod for MCPE App

This currently supports all the hostile mobs as stated by Minecraft Gamepedia. You are able to morph into mobs and take their appearance, abilities, and more using items that you can either craft or get by killing a mob.

This add-on allows you to morph into any mob (currently limited to hostile mobs as defined https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Mob#Hostile_mobs by Minecraft Gamepedia). With this add-on you have at your disposal 21 different mobs Morph items that you may use to morph into the mobs, as well as an item to morph back into your regular Player.

You also have 7 WIP mobs, hidden but still obtainable, that you may use to test out the other mobs!

Please note, many packs will not work with this, as it modifies the Vanilla Player Files.

To Obtain:

You can either obtain the items by Crafting or by Killing the proper mob. Recipes are provided below:

Creeper - 1 Gunpowder

Drowned - 1 Rotten Flesh

Endermite - 1 Ender Pearl

Evoker - 1 Emerald

Hoglin - 1 Crimson Fungus

Husk - 1 Rotten Flesh

Magma Cube - 1 Magma Cream

Phantom - 1 Phantom Membrane

Piglin Brute - 1 Gold Ingot

Pillager - 1 Emerald

Player - 1 Dirt

Ravager - 1 Saddle

Shulker - 1 Shulker Shell

Skeleton - 1 Bone

Slime - 1 Slimeball

Stray - 1 Bone

Vindicator - 1 Emerald

Witch - 1 Stick

Wither Skeleton - 1 Coal

Zoglin - 1 Crimson Fungus

Zombie - 1 Rotten Flesh


This is an unofficial application. Name, brand and assets are the property of the owner Mojang AB.This app adheres to the terms set out by Mojang. All items, names, places and other aspects of the game described within this application are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. We make no claim to and do not have any rights to any of the foregoing.This app just help you to get new experience in survival and exploration in the game.Your crafting and building gawe will be more fun with new mod,map,skin,addon and texture!If you feel there are trademark violations which don't fall under the "fair use" rules, please contact us by email.