Clawbert (Много денег)

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Claubert - addicting arcade for Android devices.

Finding friends for a sloth

An addictive arcade game for Android devices that can become an excellent daily entertainment for gamers of all ages. Here you have to help the sloth become happier, and for this you need to find his friends. Here you have to deftly control a kind of pincer, which you could often see in slot machines of the past, and with its help, try to get one of the eggs located on the playing field.

Lamp atmosphere

Each egg raised up contains a funny and charming character who will become a friend for a sloth , will help the hero become happier and more cheerful. This game boasts a simple and addictive gameplay, understandable game mechanics, like in slot machines of the past, an abundance of various eggs with cute characters, comfortable controls and more. Are you ready to find as many friends as possible for the lonely sloth? Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.