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Collabee Messenger - The moment messages become a documentCollabee Messenger keep conversations organized on topic, team and collaborate seamlessly on the document of Collabee with task and schedule.​• Turn important messages into a document on Collabee The main difference of Collabee Messenger is that messages are turned into documents on Collabee App with just a few click. You can select important messages and files, links and convert the conversation into note on Collabee App. Without loosing any messages and file, you can seamlessly collaborate with team. • Spaces automatically synced with 'Collabee App', team collaboration toolWhen you already signed up 'Collabee App' which is a team collaboration tool, all spaces in 'Collabee Messenger' automatically will be synced with spaces created on 'Collabee App'. You can continue to make a conversation on the same space with same colleagues. You can also manage 1:1 chat and group chat.• Free your team from distractionYou will be notified by a badge and noti. when colleagues mention (@) you. Rest of messages will be displayed in bold. • Search everything with a single clickAll shared files, links and collabee documents is classified and can be found quickly. * The search result of collabee document will be provided soon.• Zoom integration functionStart a video conference with chat room members.• Security is our top priority. We are completely separated from third party application programs and block any unauthorized access. All information is double encrypted and data is regularly backed up to prevent any possible loss cases.• Please look forward to the advanced features - You can select messages and convert to a document on mobile app.- Yo can assign tasks and create schedules in collabee messenger.