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Colonizer Unlimited (premium)

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Colonizer Unlimited - entertaining strategy game for android devices.

Sci-fi setting

Casual strategy for android devices that will allow you to escape from the gray everyday routine and will give a lot of positive emotions from the exciting gameplay. In Colonizer Unlimited you will go to the distant future, when humanity is colonizing the foreseeable galaxy with might and main, but after many years, people have used up all the resources on the inhabited planets, civilization began to perish and now you, together with a group of researchers, have to go to unknown and dangerous corners of space to find a new home for people.

Interesting gameplay

Colonizer Unlimited perfectly combines strategic gameplay with RPG elements in which you will explore the endless galaxy, upgrade your spaceship and open access to new ones, occupy unknown planets and extract resources, and fight for survival. Colonizer Unlimited will delight you with a large amount of in-game content, wonderful graphics and a sophisticated interface, as well as a great atmosphere in the style of sci-fi classics. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.