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Connect - Digital Business Card Application

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The description of Connect - Digital Business Card App

Connect is the Best Digital Business card connectivity replacing printed business cards

using connect you can take your contact's data and save it with no effort and no physical contact, all you need to do is:

1- download application/create account

2- create your first business card

3- Scan your contact QR Code to connect and stay updated when they change their contact data

A lot of benefits you get if you use Connect application like:

1- Eliminate printed business cards cost

2- Eliminate typo errors and changed data, especially those discovered after being printed

3- reduce physical contact with people

4- Get some money as a side hustle

So how can you get money from Connect Application?

all you need to do is:

1- refer a friend to download the application and create an account

2- be the first connection with them.

3- go to the balance page to check your new available balance

that's it, it's that easy


there are even more benefits if you have a company or head of a team is that:

1- you have access to all your employees/team stuff activities like adding people, changing data, etc...

2- you have full access to their connections, so all this data is yours, and you can see it anywhere any time and can even export it to use in other marketing campaigns

Watch the app promo from here: