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Cops vs Robbers Jailbreak (Unlocked)

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Android version
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Cops vs Robbers Jailbreak Mod Info
● Open all weapons;
● Endless money.

Cops Vs Robbers: Jailbreak - Fantastic first person shooter game for Android devices.

Three levels of difficulty

Cops vs robbers: Jailbreak - take on the role of an innocent hero who is accidentally thrown into one of the harshest prisons. Now you are in a dangerous place, surrounded by bandits, murderers and thieves, start making an escape plan and are looking for a chance to prove your innocence. Start your great escape and take out everyone who tries to stop you.

Interesting task

Get powerful weapons and choose the right location, shoot to kill, counter other prisoners and beat guards. Make your way to freedom, complete exciting missions, test yourself in three difficulty modes and enjoy frenetic Minecraft-style graphics, multiple weapons, challenging challenges and addictive gameplay.

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