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You are a super villager and need to protect your land from other farmers that want to steal your village. Will you end up victorious?

In this unique and simplified battle game, you have to harvest trees to get coins. Spend your resources wisely to create the army that will allow you to win. Theses soldiers will follow you wherever you go and defend you from opponents attacks. The more units you get around you, the stronger you are.

In this game, you will have to make choices and adapt to the situation. Read your opponent's behavior right to devise your strategy. Spend time on building the greatest army, or rushing to attack your opponent before he can even build his army.

Running around is all you have to do to command legions of faithful little soldiers.

⚙Key Features:

- Destroy the opponent's tower to win the game

- Accessible mechanics: Run around to harvest resources and to attack, it's that easy!

- Harvest: Harvest trees and rocks to collect resources and build your village. With it build an army to destroy your opponent.

- Army: Create the army that suits your strategy. Combine different types of units to wage arrows and sword upon the battlefield.

- Strategy: Direct your farmer and your troops to accomplish your grand scheme. Be creative with your strategies to surprise your opponent.

- Multiplayer: Duel players from around the world in real time battles