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In shooting game of deer hunting in safari deserts of Africa, It’s time to get off from your Safari 4x4 Jeep and get into slither muddy stream at the bank of the river where pool of wild hungry animals like alligators, Lions, Fox, hyena and other wild animals are waiting for their next prey. Also, Duck hunting is added attraction in Bow Hunting. This is an archery game concept. Become a real animal hunting expert in this animal shooting game. This animal shooting game is full of thrill and surely be count as Hunting game for life of alligator and Safari wild life because of action packed archery shooting adventure includes Duck hunting with bow and arrow, Initially, this crocodile hunting will test you as expert Animal Hunter because this alligator hunting is difficult than lion and deer hunting in African deserts where you have been hunting other wild animals. Also bow hunting of ducks will make the hunting journey more adventurous with use of archery.


These hungry animals like wild alligators, Lions, fox and hyena are pretty angry and might attack you when you expected the least. They is most wild crocodile hunting game. You need to kill these angry alligators who strive for fresh fleshes and blood in this free animal shooting game.

While struggling between time and shoot, you have to be absolute in all wild hunts. Shoot more and waste less time especially while bow hunting. A perfect head shot is enough for one crocodile hunting. This free hunting game will bring back your wild alligator hunting techniques to conquer virtual hunting game of other wild animals. Some part of the Island is swampy and full of nefarious hungry alligator eating mankind! Let’s go hunting wild animals in Wild Animal Safari Shooting Game. But you have to be a pro FPS shooter 3D huntsman to shoot these animals. Once you are entered in their territory, you are surrounded by sharp big jaws crocodiles, Lions, Foxes, hyena and other safari jungle beasts. There is no way return in this animal hunting game, kill them before they attack you.

This free fire alligator killing game has speed v/s shooting scenario. Initially in crocodile hunting levels, you will be provided with limited rounds of bullets for your weapon ASE sniper and other in-app purchase guns and a limited time to complete levels. These alligators are ready for Deer hunting as prey; you need to stop these predators from deer hunting by taking head shots.

You can move around in the forest for multi-angle shooting positions from where you can select your best shooting spot for animal shooting that are approaching you to attack. Use your crocodile hunting experience in this animal hunting game and save yourself from being prey to these brutal beasts of the safari jungle.

Duck hunting will like be a refreshing stop with archery. It’s basically a bow hunting round where duck hunting with bow and arrow is an adventure.

If you are searching for realistic hunting game for free then DOWNLOAD Shooting Game - Crocodile and Wild Animal Safari and get extreme fun of real shooting experience of hunting simulation environment and Duck hunting with bow and arrow.