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Crystal Soul is a Strategy TCG Card Battle with realtime and simultaneous PvP Anime Games! Also YOU will decide that Strategy TCG Card Battle content with developers on Discord: Nerf or Buffs, create and design the new PvP Anime Games, the new factions, game modes... All depends on YOU!In this Strategy TCG Card Battle with PvP Anime Games the players decide the power of balance, deck editor system, reward system and PvP Anime Games art / design. We talk about all this on Discord and Twitch and ingame events. And it's a Strategy TCG Card Battle 100% Free to play!Experience the magic, mischief and epic with your friends. You can create Strategy TCG Card Battle with friends to play with, and join all the players around to enjoy Crystal Soul, DOWNLOAD NOW!★★★FEATURES of this Strategy TCG Card Battle ★★★☆ UNIQUE STRATEGY TCG CARD BATTLE GAMEPLAY CONCEPTTactics and powerful combinations will decide your PvP Anime Games and result outcome on Crystal Soul! Collect more than 100 units to create powerful combinations in your own deck. Use solid tactics to conquer the opponent on intense Strategy TCG Card Battle! Choose to play from three different faction with its own TCG mechanic and play style. Fight against strong opponents worldwide to prove best TCG tactics. You must use creative thinking to turn the tides of the Strategy TCG Card Battle!!☆ WIN AN EPIC STRATEGY TCG CARD BATTLEInnovative thinking and tactics are the keys to victory. Crystal Soul is a Strategy TCG Card Battle where you can win using mischiefs and mind tricks! Every turn is a key one! Master combinations and mind tricks, and make it your strategic advantage. Forge Strategy TCG Card Battle tactics that can turn the tide of the fights. Play aggressive, defensive, or control, the choice is yours. Create versatile deck combinations and test them against strong opponents without fail. Learn how to assemble solid decks, optimize your playstyle using each faction's signature ability.☆ COLLECT AND SUMMON MORE THAN 100 PVP ANIME GAMES ART UNITSUnleash your potential on the Strategy TCG Card Battle and become a master collector and use new units to build the ultimate Strategy TCG Card Battle deck combinations. Play the game to collect units with multiple abilities. Discover many possible combinations from the TCG collection.☆ BUILD A DREAM FACTION OF STRATEGY TCG CARD BATTLE DECK AND COMBOSBuild an unique dream deck with a faction or mixing all factions, and unleash powerful combos in the Strategy TCG Card Battle! Explore countless TCG deck building combinations and forge the best arsenal of winning PvP Anime Games!☆ PLAY COMPETITIVELY STRATEGY TCG CARD BATTLE AGAINST PLAYERS REALTIME AND WORLDWIDEEmploy cunning thinking and dynamic epic card battle combinations against strong players worldwide. Compete against veterans on an epic strategy TCG PvP Anime Games, counter their strategies, and prove yourself to become number one in Crystal Soul. You can also challenge friends to a friendly strategy TCG card battle. Play, conquer, and win.☆ VISUALLY STUNNING PVP ANIME GAMES ART TCG AND STRATEGY TCG CARD BATTLE ORIENTED DESIGNEnjoy hundreds of stunning artwork with PvP Anime Games art design and animations by our artists throughout the game. Assemble appealing decks on the PvP Anime Games fights with favorable abilities and unleash your potential on the game on this strategy TCG card battle! Be the first to own unique hero skins, epic card battle sleeves, avatars, and TCG titles!☆ COMPLETE DAILY CHALLENGES AND WIN PRIZESComplete daily challenges, seasonal rewards, and win PvP Anime Games prizes. Collect and show off your favorite TCG art characters, also free sleeves, avatars, and titles! All is possible if you keep the good Strategy TCG Card Battle! And also join our Discord Server to balance and expand the game!DISCORD: https://discord.gg/9V9TKJz▶ Customer Strategy TCG Card Battle with PvP Anime Games Service Center: crystalsoularena@gmail.com