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DN Motar - دنیای موتر is the first center for buy and selling new & used cars, motorcycles, vans, buses throughout Afghanistan.

DN Motar - دنیای موتر offers you the best new and used vehicles for sale and purchase. You can buy & sell your favorite vehicles at home in the simplest way.

Selling new and used vehicles at DN Motar - دنیای موتر:

You can sell your vehicles in a very simple way and still find the vehicles you want from people and car dealers at DN Motar - دنیای موتر.

Press Location button to find out the current location. You can find out the nearest vehicles that are sold near you.

By creating an account in the DN Motar - دنیای موتر, you can use all the benefits of our application, website and sell your vehicle with a few clicks in the sales section of DN Motar - دنیای موتر.

In DN Motar - دنیای موتر, you can be informed about the new vehicles that have entered the market.

Find your favorite vehicles at DN Motar - دنیای موتر:

By going to the search section of DN Motar - دنیای موتر, you can use the filter to find your favorite vehicle.

By finding your favorite car at DN Motar - دنیای موتر, you can contact the seller by phone or email.

Ways to communicate with DN Motar - دنیای موتر:

If you have any problems, you can contact DN Motar - دنیای موتر via WhatsApp, Facebook and contact number.

You can find "DN Motar - دنیای موتر" through the Play Store and App Store called DN Motar - دنیای موتر .

Our website: www.dunyaymotar.com

Our phone number and WhatsApp: +93781997272