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DX Ultra Fussion ORB Sim

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The description of DX Ultra Fussion ORB Sim App

This is A transform game of DX Ultra Fussion ORB Sim using with complete features. Its simulation game is Complete Selection Modification (CSM) in High Definitions Sounds and Animation.

Suitable for you who are looking for Dx transform game for DX Ultra Fussion ORB Sim.

Lets play the Ultra-Man ORB for Ultra-Man ORB and transform every time. And share Ultra-Man ORB to other fellow Ultra-Man ORB fans.

This DX Ultra Fussion ORB Simulation game includes all Cards. Starting from the Showa Era to Heisei. There are many single cards and combination cards for 2 cards to become Fussion Up. There is also a Trinity Fussion feature for 3 cards and Ultra-Man Org Origin.

The following is a list of ORB cards available in the game :

1. Ultra

2. Ultra Tiga

3. Ultra Taro

4. Ultra Mebius

5. Ultra Jack

6. Ultra Zero

7. Ultra Zoffy

8. Ultra Belial

9. Ultra Gaia V2

10. Ultra Victory

11. Ultra Ginga

12. Ultra X

13. Ultra Cosmos

14. Ultra Tiga Sky Type

15. Ultra Max

16. Ultra Dyna

17. Ultra Leo

18. Ultra Dyna Miracle

19. Ultra Seven

20. Ultra Ace

21. Ultra Hikari

22. Ultra Agul V2

23. Ultra Tiga Power Type

24. Ultra Dyna Strong Type

25. Ultra Nexus

And the Ultra Fussion combination includes:

1. Spacium Zeperium

2. Burnmite

3. Hurricane Slash

4. Thunder Blaster

5. Photon Victorium

6. Lightning Attacker

7. Full Moon Xanadium

8. Sky Dash Max

9. Zeperion Solgent

10. Leo Zero Knuckle

11. Thunder Miracle

12. Slugger Ace

13. Knight Liquidator

14. Power Strong

15. Emirium Slugger

16. Thunder Stream

17. Mebium Especially

18. Breaster Knight

19. Storium Galaxy

20. Spacium Schtrom