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DX Ultra Z Riser Sim

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The description of DX Ultra Z Riser Sim App

This is A transform game of Ultraman Z using DX Ultra Z Riser with complete features. Its simulation game is Complete Selection Modification (CSM) of Ultra Z Riser for Ultraman Z Fusion in High Definitions Sounds and Animation.

Suitable for you who are looking for Dx transform game for Ultraman Z with Ultra Z Riser.

Lets play the Ultra Z Riser for Ultraman Z and transform every time. And share Ultra Z Riser to other fellow Ultraman fans.

Feature :

1. High Definitions of simulations mechanism

2. Simulation as the real Dx Ultraman Z Alpha Edge. In the next update i will add :

- Ultraman Beta Smash

- Ultraman Gamma Future

- Ultraman Geed Galaxi Rising

3. Haruki Access Card, Zero Coin, Seven Coin, Leo Coin.

4. In the next update i will add more Coins for Ultra Z Riser, such as :

- Ace Coin

- Dyna Coin

- Taro Coin

- Tiga Coin

- Ultraman Coin

5. Final Attack of Ultraman Z :

- Zestium Kosen

- Zestium Mesar

How to play :

1. At the first time you open th game, Tap the DX On and simulation will begin

2. Wait and enjoy your Fusion / transformation, Tap DX again for Fusion Process and Final Attack of Ultraman.

3. Choose the Ultaman Z aplha edge coin, or randomly. And mechanical simulation will begin with HD Sound of fusion of Ultraman.

4. After that, Tap DX again for Final Attack of Ultraman.

Enjoy !