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A lot of money, a lot of unlock points, a lot of reward points, a lot of Council budget

The pre-registration for the school simulator that lets you experience the chaotic school life has started!

You can use Unreal Engine to play an overwhelming high-end mobile school simulator.

Campus Simulator Dark is a campus action game that takes student organization to the stage and solves various tasks inside and outside of school.

A variety of strange developments await players, from daily quests like "Classing" to grim missions against zombies, demons and aliens!

[Welfare First Release]

Key Perks like Diamonds and Student Union Budgets are only available for the first time. These can be used to unlock clothing and more.

One of the player characters is "Sendagaya Shino" who is familiar with Vroid.

She is the student council president, and student organization is one of the main axes of the game.

You can increase the number of roles you can play by adding roles to members of your student organization.

If you get a budget from a student organization, you can build new facilities in the school, such as B. Computer Classrooms and Swimming Pools.

You can customize the color of your uniform and tracksuit.

In addition, a variety of clothes such as casual clothes and dark clothes are also available.

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