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Dead Some Day is an action-packed survival RPG where your focus is to stay alive in a world filled with zombies. You can choose one of the multiple factions, be it the police, army, bandits or regular survivors, and you need to stay alive while zombies and other factions are ready to attack you.

In Dead Some Day, you will need to explore the world, find items and craft stuff that will keep you one step in front of your enemies. Exploration is required, since you can find incredible loot, but at the same time it’s risky. You never really know who you might encounter, but risks might bring in great reward.

You can explore this challenging game world with the use of vehicles. In Dead Some Day you have access to a garage system where you can easily buy or sell cars, but also modify them the way you want. The customization system is deep and it ranges from suspension to engine, wheels and so on. This way you will have no problem showing off your skills and incredible vehicles while trying to explore the world!

Unfriendly players are everywhere, so it’s a good idea to try and not enter random regions alone. If you do, you must keep your eyes peeled for any potential attackers. Dead Some Day is constantly pushing the boundaries and it encourages you to test your limits and take them to the next level. If you are passionate about zombie and survival games, try out Dead Some Day today and immerse yourself into an incredible, yet challenging and very punishing world!


• Play in creative or survival mode

• 5 vehicles to choose from

• 80 different types of zombies and humans

• Eliminate enemies to increase your level and stats

• Comprehensive crafting system

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Steam ✔️

- http://store.steampowered.com/app/456090/ZOMBIE_TOWN_AHHH

Discord ✔️

- https://discord.gg/vcrFZrq