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The description of Destroy the Star App

Destroy the Star is a game that’s easy to learn and fun to play. Your task is to destroy the star in the centre of the rotating rings. Break sections of the rings to create a large enough crack to enable you to throw the ball into the centre to destroy the star.

IMPORTANT: You can only destroy the rings with balls of THE SAME color.

Be careful number of balls is limited so make every shot counts, as you advance through game defense around the star will be more complex and challenging, number of protective rings will be increased and their speed will variate.

This game requires good planning, wise decision making and excellent timing especially at higher levels. Good news is that you are not restricted by the time so you have enough space to think about your next move. Luckily you can destroy the Star with a ball of any color, do not forget to collect white dots they are in game currency.

Backgrounds and soundracks are changeable, good luck and have a fun.

Interested in different modes? Of course you are!

* Beginner Level:

All the rings are the same colour. This is the easiest mode so destroying the Star should not be a problem for you.

* Two Color:

The rings will be in two different colors and their rotation will be a bit faster so you have to be little more tactical in order to penetrate Stars defense.

* Four or More:

Here the challenge begins! The Star is protected by many colored rings, good planning is crucial during this task, good luck.

* Just One Ball:

One ball. One chance to Destroy the Star, almost impossible mission ? Steady hand and excellent timing are essential.

* Mystery:

The star is protected by five rings. How many parts are the rings made of? That’s the mystery!

* Blocker:

There are 3 or 4 colored rings and also a weird, unbreakable black object… If your ball touches this the game is over.

* Reverse:

Hit a ring and it will rotate in the opposite direction! Be smart and you’ll be able to beat this mode.

* Black and White:

You need three white balls to destroy a dark gray part of the ring. Two white balls will destroy a light gray section of the ring. With each hit that part will become lighter.Be accurate number of balls are limited. Choose wisely!

* Pulse:

This is the most demanding mode. The rings rotate at random speeds; sometimes they speed up, sometimes they speed down. Concentration and anticipation are necessary during this task.

* 240 Green Balls:

Finally, another easy mode. Choose the color of the ball and you have a total of 4 x 60 balls (green shade). When you use one of your colors, that’s it – no refilling. Try to go as far as you can. This one can be tricky!

* Collect Lives:

Similar to “Four or More.” You have three lives and each hit to the heart gives you an extra life. Miss and you lose a life.

* All Random:

The last mode is a set of levels from previous modes chosen randomly. This is the only mode where you will find the Key. And this is not the end. ;)

Scoring list:

Scoring (destroying parts of ...):

1 ring = 1pts * level (largest ring)

2 rings = 2 pts * level

3 rings = 3 pts * level

4 rings = 4 pts * level

5 rings = 5 pts * level (smallest ring)

White Dot = 10 pts * level

The Star = 50 pts * level

(Every time you destroy a star, you have a 20% chance of an additional reward)

5,000 pts Special award: You'll receive 5 white dots on every 5,000 pts (cumulative, every mode )