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Dominoes is definitely one of the most famous board game in the world. No matter the type of dominos you like best , you’re invited to enjoy the authentic gameplay with our free, classic dominoes game variants: Block, Draw or All Fives.


The game can choose between 2, 3, and 4 players

3 versions of Dominoes: Classic Block, Draw or All Fives

Play the board game Online or Offline (no internet, no wifi)

Cool selection of boards design and domino tiles themes

100% Free to play classic dominos


✍✍ Draw Dominoes: simple, relaxing, play your tiles on either side of the board. It's so easy to play your tiles and doubles - simply match your domino tile with one of the 2 ends already on the board. The winner of a round scores the total number of pips on the other player' dominoes!

✍✍ Block Dominoes: "The block domino game" will put your mind to work . Basically the same as Draw Dominoes. The main difference is you have to pass your turn if you run out of options (whereas you can pick an extra domino from the boneyard in the previous mode).

✍✍ Dominoes All Fives: Each turn, you need to add all ends of the board, and count the number of pips on them. If it is a multiple of five, you score those points. A bit difficult at first but you will quickly get it!

➤ The more challenging this addictive game, the more fun you’ll have!

➤➤ Beautiful, simple, relaxing, easy to learn yet complex if you get to learn all the tricks! Will you be a Dominoes master?

➤➤➤ Install Dominoes app today and get ready for the fun game challenge!