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Downtime Manager 2.0

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We all grow attached to our D&D characters and wish we could adventure with our party more often than time allows. What if you could take your character with you and still interact with the DM and your party between adventures like an RPG version of a Tamagotchi?

With Downtime Manager your DM can set activities for your characters to pursue after the dragon has been defeated, or even before the quest begins! Does your character have spells to research? An axe to forge? A Skill to learn or a Tavern to build? In only a few minutes of your day check in on the status of your characters’ activities and even collaborate with other members of your party, combining skills and resources. Spend the time between adventures with your characters in their world so that when you’re gathered around the table in yours, your characters have some great new rewards to take on the next adventure!

Downtime Manager is a comprehensive tool to manage Downtime Sessions – the time spent between D&D adventures. Using this tabletop companion app, the DM and the party members create, run, and manage activities between adventures. Instead of using your game sessions to manage your characters’ activities outside of the quest, Downtime Manager allows you to continue to play D&D with your group in minutes a day!

*** How does it work? ***

After the tabletop session ends, the DM starts a downtime session, setting the in-game and real-life durations and indicating permitted downtime categories. The players participate in the initiated downtime session: they select downtime activities based on prerequisites, durations and costs. As time passes in real time, time passes within the game as well. Players and the DM can interact with one another, collaborate on activities, and react to new developments in the app. When the activity is completed, the reward can be collected by the character.

*** Main features ***

Create and edit characters

Create and manage parties

Start and manage downtime sessions

Participate in downtime sessions

Select downtime actions

Watch downtime actions

Collect rewards

Create homebrew content

Party chat

*** Unlock premier benefits by subscribing! ***

More character slots

More party slots

More avatars

Use shared homebrew content

New features are released every month! Join the active community on Discord and influence the future of Downtime Manager!