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Saiyans United is a brand new Anime RPG game you never experienced before! Relive the story of our Warriors in Saiyans United. Beyond the epic battles, experience life in the Saiyans Fighters universe as you fight alongside the defenders of the Earth! “You Can Destroy Whole Planets, But It Seems You Can’t Even Destroy A Single Man, Huh?” - Famous Character GAME FEATURES EXCITING STORYLINE • Experience the story of Saiyans Fighters from epic events to light-hearted side quests • Explore unique new areas and adventures as you advance through the story! F2P FRIENDLINESS • Get super amazing login bonuses every single day, simply by logging in! • Head to our Facebook page to check out the latest social media events and participate to get FREE Warriors! BUILD YOUR STRONGEST TEAM • Collect legendary Warriors and form your most epic team • Collect rare upgrade materials for your Warriors, form powerful bonds with every hero in the Saiyans Fighters universe! BATTLE BOSSES • Form your best team and defend the Earth as enemies from other planets invade our home! • Iconic villains such as Cell are plotting another destruction. Relive your favorite storylines with us! COMPETITIVE PVP • Participate in the Arena, show everyone who the best Warriors are! • Cross-server PVP function awaits... Can you beat even the strongest of every server?! “I Am Not Goku Nor Vegeta. I Am The Instrument Of Your Defeat!” - Gogeta Play Saiyans United now!! Explore the Saiyans Fighters universe and experience your very own adventure with us!"