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Dungeon Breaker! Heroes (Бесплатные покупки)

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Бесплатные покупки в Коллекции - Призвать артефакты, и в Магазине, разделах Охотник, Одежда и Компонент снаряжения.
Dungeon breaker Heroes - bright RPG in fantasy style for androiddevices.

Rescue the Queen

In Dungeon breaker Heroes, you will find a dangerous adventure in which you You have to escort brave heroes to save Queen Margot, who was kidnapped by villains. Exploring dungeons, the strongest opponents, traps, obstacles and other dangers you will meet on your way. At first, you will have at your disposal only two heroes, whose skills, abilities and equipment are important to be constantly pumped to be ready for the increasing difficulty of the tests.

Dangerous opponents and deadly bosses

You will meet with the most incredible and dangerous creatures that will not give you concessions. As you progress through the game, you will encounter gigantic bosses, incredibly powerful opponents who have prepared for you a spectacular battle. It is important to find useful items in locations that will help pump heroes, as well as gain an advantage during the most difficult battles. Auto battles, spectacular fights, endless dungeons, dangerous enemies, unique heroes and rich graphics - all this awaits you in Dungeon breaker Heroes. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.