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Ecosense EcoQube (EQ100) Control App. Please purchase the EcoQube from to use this app.The Ecosense EcoQube is a palm-size intelligent radon detector with outsized features. Ecosense’s patented radon detection technology powers fast, accurate and reliable results. Robust connectivity securely delivers clear results and alert notifications to multiple users straight to their smartphones. The EcoQube is always monitoring to ensure safe healthy indoor radon levels and displays a real-time status as indicated by a simple color-coded LED located directly on the front side. Advanced detailed short/long term trends and analytics are available in the EcoQube smartphone app and web dashboard. Making radon detection and monitoring simple yet intuitive is key to enabling more consumers lead a safe and healthy lifestyle. The EcoQube is now the best of the breed - fast, accurate and accessible anytime, anywhere.* MORE ACCURATE THAN OTHER HOME MONITORS:EcoQube continues to set performance benchmark for consumer radon monitoring with an industry leading radon counting sensitivity of 30 counts per hour perpCi/L. This allows the EcoQube to provide radon results in as little as an hour. It also means that if the radon levels dramatically rise in your home, you will know this in hours rather than days as compared to other radon monitors.* FIRST RADON RESULT IN MINUTES NOT DAYS:EcoQube’s patented radon detector technology provides initial radon level reading in just 10 minutes. This allows the EcoCube to provide hourly radon results you can display on your smartphone or as a graph. Other radon monitors only provide the daily average and no graph. Hourly results and graphs let you visually see how radon levels change with the weather.* ECOQUBE SMARTPHONE APP FOR ANDROID AND iOS IS EASY TO USE:The free app allows you to monitor EcoQube’s real-time radon levels from anywhere, anytime. It is simple to set up and easily allows you to review current or past radon levels. The app includes features like alerts and share notifications if radon levels go above your comfort level. The app also keeps your EcoQube up to date with future upgrades.* WI-FI CONNECTED:EcoQube will easily connect with your existing home Wi-Fi router. No additional wireless equipment is needed. All connections are delivered securely only to your smartphone app or who you choose to share it with.* COMPACT LIGHTWEIGHT CUBE DESIGN:Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Compared to other home radon monitor devices that have no display the EcoQube provides real time radon levels by a color-coded LED on the front side. You don't have to load up a smart phone app to know your home is safe. And the EcoQube simple modest design blends in with the style of your home.