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Emotions is a storytelling game that can be used by caregivers and professionals dealing with people with dementia.

Players hear sounds of 6 basic emotions (joy, sadness, anger, fear, surprise and disgust) and are asked to recognize the emotion. Then if they want, they tell a story that caused them this feeling. If for example the feeling is joy, then a laugh will be heard. The player who recognizes it can tell a story that made him feel happy eg. when he traveled to a country he dreamed of. Detailed instructions for the game and alternative ways of playing it depending on the stage of dementia of the patient are available on the CHALLEDU site. The game can be used as a tool by dementia professionals, by caregivers who have people with dementia under their supervision at a mild or even more advanced stage of dementia. Grandchildren or the whole family together can play it and have fun telling stories from the past.

Skills empowerment:

Cognitive skills



Language skills


Reasoning skills



Executive functions

Social skills




Contact with younger people

Social interaction

Emotional benefits

Feeling of improved mood


Feeling of success

Reduce boredom

Self confidence

Self esteem


Enjoy the challenge

Behavioral benefits

Less irritability, aggression and anger

Less stress and arousal

Dealing with depression

The game was created within the framework of the Erasmus + Bridge program. The program aims to create 8 Serious Games to improve mental and behavioral symptoms in dementia.

The participating organizations are:

Panhellenic Federation of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders (Greece)

Anziani and non solo società cooperativa social (Italy)

Association of resource center training for professional training (Romania)

Challedu - inclusion | games | education (Greece)

University of Western Macedonia (Greece)

The ideas of the games came from the workshops organized in Greece, Italy and Romania for this purpose. These included game designers, programmers, health professionals, carers and people with dementia. Participants were informed about dementia. Then they split into groups and played simple games with people with dementia to see their needs in practice. Finally, based on the information they gathered, they collaborated and created game ideas that they believed could help people with dementia improve their skills. These ideas were further developed by Challedu and became real games-serious games. One of them is Emotions!

Erasmus + No. 2018-1-EL01-KA204-047892

Challedu - inclusion games | education, is an educational organization with the aim of empowering, educating, socializing, integrating and including vulnerable and non-vulnerable populations through game-solutions.