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Entity A Horror Escape (Много денег)

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Entity A Horror Escape Mod Info
● Подберите мешок с деньгами, чтобы получить много денег;
● Руны, патроны и заряд фонаря не тратятся;
● Сущность вас не убивает;
● Отключена реклама.
Entity: A Horror Escape - horror adventure.Moving to a gloomy estate, in which the legends cover the terrible evil. The player will face his nightmares face to face and it is up to you to decide whether he will be able to defeat his fears or cowardly escape from the monster that lurks in the dark. In general, nothing new, the typical quest of which is many - running, hiding, solving simple puzzles and avoiding direct contact with the monster.Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.